Services we provide


Tree Pruning

The most common of all maintenance procedures, pruning is a favored request.  Pruning is done to maintain structural integrity and aesthetics.  Having an understanding of tree biology is required to perform proper pruning. Pruning at the right time is essential to tree health.

Tree Risk Assessment

By utilizing state of the art technology, internal decay and structural defects can be detected.  By climbing or utilizing an aerial lift, an arborist can assess the level of decay in a tree without using a saw or drill.  Furthermore, a tree with a crack, decay, or hollow parts, doesn't mean it needs to come down.   A brace can be placed between the ground and the tree, or dynamic cabling can be installed in the crown that will actually strengthen the tree over time!

Tree Removal

An inevitable procedure in our business, Tree Removal can be done in a variety of ways.  Highly trained professionals with an understanding of physics, awareness of surroundings, and the capability of felling/takedown with a low impact to the landscape should be considered when removing a tree.

Holistic Plant Health Care

By implementing an alternative approach to PHC, ACTS Tree Care & Preservation takes all vectors into consideration.   We work to enhance the natural community in which your trees reside. Fertilization, pest control, and soil amendment will be performed with organic solutions first.  This is to prevent the perpetual need for chemical applications in the future, preserving the environment for generations to come.

Arborist Consultation

Can't grow grass? Have erosion or flooding problems?  Maybe you want to plant a tree and just need to be sure its right for the location.  Whether your building a home and want to preserve the existing trees, or would like to be more informed about what that black stain is on the leaves of your Maple tree, your in the right place, all you need to do is ask.